An aid for educational condom demonstration and skill practice

With it's condom-like package--perforated edges and an expiration date--the ConDEMO was designed for teaching & practicing
proper condom use in settings where actual condoms are not allowed.

ConDEMO package

Product Description

When you can't use an actual condom as part of your presentation... The ConDEMO is designed for educators and schools that cannot use actual condoms for skill practice, the ConDEMO is an innovative option to demonstrate and allow students to practice all the steps of proper condom use. With oversized yet realistic condom packaging, the nylon ConDEMO can be used on a standard-size water bottle (or a foot or arm) to show every step. Using the ConDEMO, educators will be able to demonstrate how to: (1) Check the package for an expiration date and look for any damage to the packaging; (2) Open the package carefully to avoid damaging the condom; (3) Check the ConDEMO in order to unroll it in the right direction; (4) Pinch the tip of the ConDEMO and unroll it to the base of the bottle; and (5) Remove the ConDEMO by holding the base of the water bottle. The ConDEMO is for demonstration and practice use only. Sold in a pack of 15 with an Educator Guide. The ConDEMO can be purchased from our retail partner ETR, or for wholsale orders complete the form below.

How to Use the ConDEMO

The Field Loves ConDEMO

“The ConDEMO packaging is genius– it made explaining the air bubble and highlighting the expiration date easy.” --Field test participant, Planned Parenthood

"For schools that cannot use condoms for skill practice in the classroom, the ConDEMO is a brilliant option to allow for hands-on practice, which is essential for enhancing efficacy and skill."--Dr. Karin Coyle ETR Chief Science Officer and Evidence-Based Program Developer

“It’s important to be able to visualize the steps to putting on a condom in addition to condom step cards, and the ConDEMO provide that. ConDEMOs started conversations about why we are not using regular condoms, opening up space to discuss rules banning condoms and what the people those rules impact think and feel about them.” --Mary-Wren Ritchie, Peer Education Co-Coordinator at Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania

ConDEMO Advisors

Bonita Stanton, MD, Seton Hall University. Developer of the evidence-based program Focus on Youth with ImPACT

Karin Coyle, PhD, ETR. Developer of evidence-based programs Safer Choices, Draw the Line/ Respect the Line, and All4You. In addition she developed All4You2

Loretta Jemmott, PhD, RN, Drexel University. Lead developer of Be Proud, Be Responsible!, Making Proud Choices!, Making a Difference!, Promoting Health Among Teens, and Sisters Saving Sisters.

Susan Telljohann, HSD, CHES, University of Toledo. Chief author of HealthSmart a comprehensive K–12 health education program.

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